Welcome to Todd Allan Knives! Here you will find custom handmade knives that are fashioned from start to finish entirely in-house by me, Todd Allan. From cutting the blades from the bar-stock to heat treatment to the sheath, I take great care in the production of my knives each step of the way.

I have been making knives since 2002, originally learning the basics of knifemaking from Barry & Lynn Dawson. Since that time, I have continued to learn new and more advanced techniques from other great makers, including my old college buddy from Lubbock Christian University, Paul Lusk of Houston, TX.

I use the "stock-removal" technique of knifemaking, beginning with a bar of steel and ending with a great knife.

I am a member of the Arizona Knife Collectors Association & Southern California Blades.


"Dude, my new knife is dirty, scratched and AWESOME! This thing cuts like no other knife I own. It must be the flat grind, I love it. Hope you plan to do more like that. The handle is perfect by the way, I canít believe how it fits my hand. This is an all around great design. Keep up the good work!" -Dan K

"I have the Sentinal, and I am very pleased. I appreciate the work that went into creating this knife. I used it yesterday to clean fish (probably not a typical use). I am trying to decide what my next Allan model will be." -Wayne G

"Knives arrived today in good order and I am very pleased with both. Thank you for the craftsmanship and great service too!" -Chuck H

"Todd makes a great knife! I own 8 of Todd's knives. I use them for just about everything, when i go hunting, fishing or just plain camping. They're a good deal for a good price and they look good and stay sharp even with a lot of use!" -Clyde C

"Todd Allan has been building high quality knives at a great price for many years. I picked up one of his knives at Knife Expo some years back. The ability to hold its edge is stupendous! He is constantly striving to improve the craft and working dilligently on improving the quality and tooling of his shop. Excellent steel and quality materials as well as great design, and a great price. I highly recommend his work and look forward to seeing what is coming out of his shop now at the next show!" -Kevin F

Contact me at
623-210-3766 or

Shipping Information:

Upon placing a custom order you will be contacted by me to go over the specifics to make sure you get the knife you want and how you want it. Please allow 2-3 weeks turn-around time for custom orders.

Orders placed for knives already completed and in inventory will be shipped the next business day.

Knives are shipped from Glendale, Arizona USA
Todd Allan Knives | 623-210-3766 | Glendale, Arizona